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Trump Hush Money

It seems that Trump and his election campaign are never devoid of sensation and fascination, including political and legal.

I am not familiar with American law practice or the particular case. Nevertheless my impression is that Mr. Trump allegedly implicated in the arrangements (to the degree he was) under duress (akin to extortion or blackmail). Therefore, penal culpability relief (on subjective grounds) should be normally provided for related delinquencies. The alleged arrangements include extractions by way of financial consideration, document falsification, concealment, aid or commision of acts in violation of federal campaign finance laws and election interference. On these grounds the defendant can possibly turn the table against the accomplices of the alleged extortion and possibly seek discharge from the jury for absence of culpable and accountable criminal responsibility.

However in contributory responsibility, the degree of the penal relief usually provided to the actor is equivalent to the degree of responsibility apportioned to the instigating accomplices of the extortion (or other condition). How much of this is sufficient to the jury for discharge of the defendant, there is only on way to find out.

This is for either the prosecution or the defence to raise such arguments and questions in the process, if of course, any culpable commision or omission under conditions of duress by way of extortion or other means, is factually true. In the case of the defence at least, the choice to raise such arguments and questions or not, if possible and desirable of course, is legal and political.

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