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“The “Hanna D” – Victoria Navigation (Owners) vs Germanischer Lloyd.

In this groundbreaking case the owners of the ship who we acted for successfully sued the Class for negligent survey and for the damages caused by excessive recertification complications and delays (Piraeus Court of Appeal Dec. No 89/2011). The damages and the award would in fact be much higher in this case, had the technical consultants of the ship not gone at painstaking lengths to work over the operational plans, devise temporary repairs and convince the technical superintendents of Germanischer Lloyd in Greece and in Germany of their operational adequacy and of the ships interim safety and control, so that permanent repair of the damage could be deferred pending commercial performance and that hence seafaring certification could be provisionally renewed.

This decision is one of the rare foreign court judgments which was not only reported but published in its entirety at Admiralty and Maritime Law Committee Newsletter of the American Bar Association (attached p. 13-15 and 28-38)”.

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