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John A. Economides is a seasoned successful lawyer specializing in business, maritime and finance law, tort law, media, information, market and regulation matters.

He regularly acts as legal counsellor and strategic advisor for private, corporate and institutional clients in contractual and contentious matters. He has structured many transactions and claims, conducted complex cases, held hearings, trials and depositions, representing clients in court litigation. He has handled all aspects of both civil and criminal actions and appeals but also reached many out of court settlements of disputes. Finally he has arranged many conciliations, collaborations and joint ventures.

Early on, John A. Economides specialized in credit and security matters of shipping finance in collaboration with the Royal Bank of Scotland. In the late 80’s he launched a signature initiative for the development of quality standards in the management and operation of ships. This initiative was adopted by major classification societies and contributed significantly to the capitalization, modernization and renewal of the Greek merchant fleet. In the non marine business in the early 10’s, John A. Economides introduced first the management of non-performing loans (NPLs) portfolios to Greek and European banks with WestLB (Westdeutsche Landesbank).

Beyond law John A. Economides engages in politics, economics, international relations and security matters. In Greek domestic politics John A. Economides is progressive, fighting against misinformation, disinformation and systemic corruption and striving for structural changes, transformations and reforms. In international politics he defends freedom and democracy, human and civil rights and the rule of law. In economics he strives for investment, recovery, growth and development, fair competition, liberation and regulation of markets.

His academic interest is in philosophy and science and specifically in energy and derivative evolutionary cosmology, technology, ecology and educationFrom this interest follow his theoretical works in the field of relational interactions. He is author of a treatise in cosmological evolution styled “The Theory of the Cosmos” which was published in Greek in 2010. This work was translated and further edited and published in English in 2012 as “The Universe of Interactions”.

John A. Economides is the senior partner in Aristides Economides & Co, one of the most  traditional and progressive law firms in Greece –


The Theory of the Cosmos

The Universe of Interactions

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