Aristides J. Economides born in Serres, Greece. He enrolled in the Law School of the University of Athens in 1954 and then transferred to the Law School of the University of Strasbourg where he graduated from in 1957. He then joined the University of Paris form where he obtained a Doctorate (PhD degree) in criminal law in 1959.

He is member of the Athens Bar Association since 1960.

He speaks French and English.

As criminal lawyer he soon became distinguished and successful in many cases. During the dictatorship 1967 – 1974, Aristides Economides defended cases numerous against political dissidents of the junta regime. After that he followed a very prominent career handling cases of criminal law, civil tort and litigation. He engaged in extensively in white collar crime and became very prominent in the profession. He joined numerous Greek and international law associations, wrote and published articles on various aspects of the profession. In 2002 he became Deputy Chairman of the Athens Bar Association. He is author of numerous books on matters of justice, society and the legal profession.


Penologist / ο Ποινικολόγος

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