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Aristides Economides has family tradition in law since 1892

Aristides Economides & Co is a general law practice. The Economides family tradition in law runs for four generations already. The origins draw from Aristides Economides, a former Judge in the town of Serres in Northern Greece at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. The practice commenced in Serres by his son John Economides, a lawyer specializing in civil law who was Chairman of the Serres Law Society for many years. After the passing of John Economides and WWII, his son Aristides J. Economides who specialized in criminal law re-established the practice in Athens in 1960 and became Deputy Chairman of the Athens Law Society. After the passing of Aristides J. Economides in 2021, the firm continues today under John A. Economides who engages in general practice and specializes in business, maritime and finance law and regulation.

Today our firm is one of the oldest and more prominent household names in Greek law practice. The partner of the firm John Economides and our members and associates have always reached for the highest professional standards of integrity and performance. We have excellent record of legal successes and judicial precedents.

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