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General Practice
We practice in various and multiple areas of law which are in relevance to the cases we undertake

Constitutional law
We defend freedom and democracy, constitutional institutions, human rights and civil liberties, equality in law, election integrity, political legitimacy and parliamentary legislation

Public law
We support, progress, transformation and reform and we engage with public information, policy, procurement, infrastructure, structural and systemic reforms.

Administrative law
We engage with services of the state, agencies and organizations to the citizens and the companies, their regulation, optimization and improvement. Also with ancillary legal issues, system upgrades and state modernization.

Civil law
We deal with law of contract and law of tort, claims and compensations for violations of law and equity, unlawful conducts and wrong doings, rights and obligations, duties and civil liabilities

Criminal law
We engage with criminal offences, criminal aspects of civil torts, violations of equity, unlawful conducts and wrong doings, financial crime, information, terrorism, illegal migration, violation and warfare, war crimes and crimes against humanity, criminal liabilities and penalties.

Commercial law
We work on competition conformity, anti-trust, state aid, market regulation and liberalization, rights of producers and consumers

Business law
We deal with principles and practices, management, investments, projects and development, transactions, trades and transports, business strategies and policies, regulations and operations, compliance and performance

Corporate law
We deal with incorporation, organization, operation, management and administration, optimizations and upgrades, systems, structures and functions, shareholder relations, customer relations, human resources and corporate compliance

Maritime law
We deal with investment and finance, charter and employment, transportation and cargo, supply, maintenance and repair, management and operation, claims and insurance, regulation and compliance

Banking & Financial law
We engage with facilities and investments, loans and participations, subsidies and grants, credit and security and recovery

Information law
We work on principles and practices of public information and communication and journalism, media and public information affairs, liberties and liabilities

IT law
We deal with system upgrades, digital transformations, structures and processes and data management and migration

Energy, Ecology and Environmental Law
We work on principles and practices, regulation, concern, ESG compliance and performance

Infrastructure and Real Estate law
We deal with infrastructure, property and real estate law, development, services, structures, projects, procurements and investments.

European law
We engage with general principles, policy, European performance, economic integration and single market

International Law
We engage with foreign policy, diplomacy, international and economic relations, geopolitics  and security matters

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