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Legal Counselling
We study clients and cases, discuss and examine cases and concerns, define rights and obligations, configure responsibilities and liabilities, provide general and particular legal counselling. We advise on regulation and supervision.

Policy and Strategy Advisory
On the basis of clients’ needs and requirements, we draw policies and advise on their institutions and implementations. We draw up strategy, we implement tactics and we follow for the attainment of legal and economic objectives.

Due Diligence, Check and Compliance
We run checks and examinations, analyze and assess general or particular legal issues of the clients. We then provide advice and information on regulation and affirmation on compliance.

Judicial Representation and Legal Advice
We represent, individuals, corporations and institutions before Civil, Criminal and Administrative Courts at all levels and before the judicial and administrative authorities at national, European and international level. We offer legal advice on rights and obligations, duties, liabilities and responsibilities on the various chapters of the law and areas of interest and demand. We advise on points of law and on points of procedure.

Deal Structuring and Contract Drafting
We record business deals, structure legally the agreements on the joint interests and the rights and obligations of the parties and the provisions, conditions, covenants and functions of the deals. We document agreements into binding and workable contracts.

Post Contract Implementation Support
After institution and implementation (configuration and commitment) of the deal, we follow up the functions of the contracts and the flows of the transactions and overall the fulfillment of the undertakings and the agreements.

Handling of Public, Private and Commercial claims
We study cases and examine the merits of claims according to the principles of law and justice. We offer legal advice and we structure and pursue claims extra judicially. We also file actions judicially in Court.

Discussion, Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
We study cases, examine disagreements and explore extra judicial dispute resolutions. We discuss and negotiate offering mediation, arbitration and conciliation alternatives.

In and Out of Court Advocacy and Litigation Services
We advocate on the rights and the interests of customers with regard to the merit, the context and the law. We also defend in Court on behalf of the clients for the same purpose. This includes the pursuit of litigation, the filing and defense of actions, motions and applications before the Greek and the European Courts and the competent judicial and administrative authorities.

Handling of Complicated Legal Strategies and Structures for Business Development Projects and Ventures
In consensual matters, we draw up and implement legal strategies for business development and investment, resolution and work outs.

Complex litigation
In contentious matters, we draw up and implement legal strategies for extra judicial actions or litigation involving combinations of provisions and referrals to several chapters of the law.

Deal review, due diligence, evaluation and compliance
We review, analyse and assess business deals and investments, evaluate, advise on legal provisions, check and advise on fulfillment of conditions and on compliance of regulation.

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