John A. Economides is a lawyer engaging in maritime and finance law, tort law, media, information, market and regulation. 

Beyond law, John A. Economides engages in politics, economics, international relations and security matters. In Greek domestic politics John A. Economides is evangelist of progress and development, structural changes, transformations and reforms. In international politics he defends freedom and democracy, human and civil rights and the rule of law. In economics he strives for investment, recovery, growth and development, fair competition, liberation and regulation of markets.

The relevance of public information and communication to these fields, drew him early on to philosophy and theory of science, abstract, applied and academic. He specializes in energy, evolutionary cosmology, technology, economy, ecology and education. From this interest follow his theoretical and academic works in the field of relational interactions, the scalar properties of energy and the dynamics of evolution.

John A. Economides is author of a treatise in cosmological evolution styled “Theory of Cosmos” which was published in Greek in 2010. This work was translated and further edited and published in English in 2012 as “The Universe of Interactions”.

From this work John A. Economides derived the “Alphabet of Knowledge” which is a Deep Learning model used in education and natural intelligence development  programs, which he develops and delivers.



An essay John A. Economides started in early 2005 on “The Importance of the Important”, extrapolated to a comprehensive dissertation in evolutionary cosmology was titled, “Theory of Cosmos” and was published in 2010 first in Greek. This dissertation was then translated in English, further edited, re-titled as “the Universe of Interactions” and re-published in 2012.

From this work John A. Economides derived the “Alphabet of Knowledge” which is a Deep Learning model used in natural intelligence, development and education programs which he authors and educates on.

The Alphabet of Knowledge enables users to recognise complex patterns in data and information and compose their own ideas and predictions. This is important and useful for users especially in the urgent and compelling priority of Climate Change. Also in the dynamic, evolving and competitive environment precipitated by contemporary information technologies and artificial intelligence. The patterns technique but not the models and programs of his works “Theory of Cosmos” and “The Universe of Interactions”, have become standard in the development of mainstream deep learning models used in artificial intelligence (AI) and other contemporary technological applications.

John A. Economides regularly writes articles and posts in theoretical, practical, academic and professional matters.

The Universe is Energy

Everything is Energy and exists in Energy

Energy is Motion and Mass
Mass and Motion is Energy