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Russian court orders arrest of Yulia Navalnaya in absentia

The corruption of Western institutions, the collapse of liberty, democracy and the rule of law in the West and the delegation of power and authority to the complotting dark and dictatorial monopoly, trust and cartel of the markets and the media, is extremely dangerous and damaging to regional and international security in Eurasia, including the Middle East, as this column never fails to repeat.

The Western security policy is unrealistic and the line of defence against Russia from north to south is incoherent, at least politically. Especially when the Russian forces are already in the offensive in Ukraine.

The arrest order of Yulia Navalnya is a stark warning for NATO and the EU on all of the above, including the systematic crackdown of dissent in the West and the systemic violations of human and civil rights and liberties.

History was never devoid of irony and impertinence. 80 years after the end of WWII and 35 years after the end of the Cold war, national forces race at Russian gun point, to save what is left of democracy, liberty and the rule of law, particularly in Europe.

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