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The world is sitting on a $91 trillion problem. ‘Hard choices’ are coming

Hard indeed. Especially for the comploting media and market monopoly, trusts and cartels which stand to foot the bill of the Covid – pandemic operation. The damages of which alone rise to anywhere near US$ 10 quadrillion, without counting the damages from the rest of the operation “world dictatorship & dominion” (systematic misinformation and disinformation, institutional corruption, constitutional subversion, financial crime, market manipulation and speculation, organised crime, extremism, terrorism, illegal undocumented migration and trafficking, inflation, war, physical and psychological violation and abuse, bioterrorism, biowarfare, extermination, addiction, obesity, gender, racial, ethnic, social, national and international conflict, tension, and division, culture wars, religious attacks, cyberattacks, infrastructure sabotage, exacerbation of global warming and climate change, environmental crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, threat, fear, terror, panic, violence, crisis, chaos etc.)

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