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Biden’s latest excuse: Blame it on the travel

Travel fatigue is true. So is crisis fatigue. Beyond this however, Trump leads rebels against the political establishment which they believe to be broken. They follow Trump because they believe he will fix (or upend) it. Biden defends the establishment. He admits the system has troubles, which he also promises to fix (or reform) it.

Behind the literature, this was the exact case of the debate. Trump won because the case of the defence did not come out clearly in that broadcast. This is not material, provided that Biden will use the opportunity of the debate aftermath, to continue his policy firm and steady and communicate this policy to the public accordingly.

For example, explain to America that although election candidates and public audiences may find TV debates impressive and appealing, his policy in fact, is to reclaim governance, defend democracy, national security, sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and international alliances of the U.S., collaborate with the Congress, develop bipartisan policies, protect civil rights and liberties of American citizens, work for the individual and the common good, public and private interest, fight for fairness, equality, opportunity and justice, restore the rule of law, reinstate equity in taxation, liberate and regulate markets, enforce anti-trust, work for transparency and disclosure, restore fiscal discipline, justify and calibrate subsidies and state aid towards technological investment, innovation and invention, develop research and education, preserve the environment and the natural resources, grow forestry and nuclear power, check global warming emissions with EVs and other devices, nationalize industries as and where due and necessary (like in defense areas), support the middle class and the poor, invest in public infrastructure and services, deal with illegal undocumented migration proper, deal with extremism and terrorism, deal with abuse of economic, financial and trade sanctions, reinforce alliances, mobilize tangible and intangible American power and last but not least regain trust and credibility of the U.S. system at national and international level.

This policy delineation did not come out clearly in the debate for whatever reason but the pre-election period and his term of governance have still 5 months to run. In this period he has plenty of opportunity for further demonstration and communication to the public of both, policy work and by extension, (proven) competence and fitness to the task. Coupled with reference to the policy and work done in the 1st term which he will exemplify for the 2nd.

Deliveries in the above can follow in condensed or extended, general or particular versions.

Finally political debate, public or congressional is dynamic and contentious but ultimately consensual process. They are used to forge national policies. Accordingly debates are policy matches not character trials, medical or mental fitness tests. TV debates which stray way out of policy issues, are nevertheless useful to air undelying or covert political differences, for dealing elsewhere. Besides run-up to the November elections (with the Republicans), here the earlier opportunity for dialectic process is in the run-up to the August DNC (with the Democrats).

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