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Boeing will get a ‘sweetheart’ plea deal, says lawyer representing 737 Max crash victims

Boeing is victim of extremist capitalism and derivative trusts and cartels controlling the financial markets. Pending liberation and regulation of the markets, nationalization emerges as the only option for Boeing proper corporate re-organization and operational restitution.

WestJet cancels hundreds of flights after aircraft mechanics strike

Political agendas and ties with extremist media interests and organized crime, are standard in the text book of terrorist groups, including national, international and jihadi. Terror is standard for the precipitation of desired panic crisis and chaos. Among the means employed by extremist and terrorist groups and networks, are hype, excess, tension, division, the sowing of threat and uncertaintly, instillation of fear, systematic sabotage and disruption, violence, crime and abuse. Labor unions must faithfully defend labor rights but be also moderately considerate of operational duty and public service. Especially they must be careful of surprise strikes which are abusive and political, wary that unions are regular targets of complotting extremist and terrorist groups and alert for treacherous infiltrations. Equally careful, wary and alert must be corporate management.

US military rebuilds runway on site of ‘nightmare’ World War II battle

Compliments. In honor of the fallen soldiers and tribute to their sacrifice. The U.S. will never surrender the Pacific.

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