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World’s first carbon tax on livestock will cost farmers $100 per cow

Hyped. Extremist. Plutocratic. Inflationary. Undemocratic. Unequal. Illiberal. Uneconomic.

Farming is ecological and sustainable. Global warming is critical for farming and for food. Priorities in emissions control are obviously important. Farming and food are, obviously, not anywhere near these. Politicians should get priorities right. People should not have to fear or fight for food or for life, to begin with. Natural and human (technical & artificial) conditions, technologies of energy and the environment, the economics of climate change and the allocation of global warming remedial costs, are essential topics for exciting discussion and policy formation.

Billionaire Carlos Slim Ramps Up Oil Bets Amid Buying Spree

Strange. I thought Mexico was a poor, developing, Latin American country.

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