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Biden acknowledges weak debate performance as Democratic questions swirl over whether he’ll stay in the presidential race

The enterprise of the corporate media and the press, to topple Joe Biden from the U.S. Presidency, ostensibly for poor performance in yesterday’s debate with Donald Trump, but really for signs of dissobedience to their controlling interests, I see.

The solution to the grave national security predicament particularly with Russia and China and the constitutional, economic, financial, social, political, technological, biological, legal, ecological global polycrisis they have systematically thrown the U.S. and the world in, I do not see.

Speaker Johnson: Cabinet should consider removing Biden through 25th Amendment

Since when is performance in a debate with Donald Trump during a corporate TV show, classed in the powers and the duties of office, a U.S. President is constitutionally mandated to discharge? Let alone a standard and sound medical test of U.S. leadership, policy and mental fitness? In the latter case why Trump did or does so much better than Joe Biden (with whom by the way, I bitterly disagree on numerous counts) on policy or national leadership?

The Republicans and the press should rather and better advise the public, which specific duties of the U.S. President, Biden has failed to discharge at national and international level, for example in comparison with immediatelly previous Presidents George Bush, Barrack Obaba and Donald Trump. In a historical note, we know that Franklin D. Roosevelt was at least physically more frail than Joe Biden in his last term. He nevertheless led the U.S. through WWII. Finally, the public admires in fact, Biden’s diligent if not immaculate outstanding performance of his duties amidst the historically unprecedented national and international polycrisis, he successfully braves over. The precipitation of which is pending public disclosure and subject to separate Congressional investigation and judicial law enforcement.

In democracies political power and the legitimacy of its legislative and executive exercise in governance, is drawn from the people (I save the rest). In representative democracies (republics) this power is extended by the people to parliamentary (Congressional) delegates and/or directly to presidential candidates in national (state and federal) elections. In neither constitution, is governance delegated to corporate media or special interests for exercise or other purpose by way of broadcast or other. Congressional debates on national issues are standard in parliamentary (Congressional) law and policy making practice. Public debates and exchanges of arguments on national or any other other issues are also functional and fundamental in democracies (freedoms of speech, expression, exchange, opinion, opposition, information, communication and press). The press has professional and institutional duty of public information and communication, which is also accounted for.

Biden requests $4B from Congress to address Baltimore bridge, natural disasters

Out of which $3,1B costs for the Baltimore bridge, are refundable from the insurers of the ship which crashed the bridge, the White House and/or the press report, forget to say.

Pfizer struggles to claw back faith with Wall Street and its employees as it recovers from the Covid decline

Pfizer is uncompetitive. Plus, there is question if Pfizer has outstanding liabilities from the Covid operations.

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