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These are the states where abortion rights will – or could – be on the ballot in November

Americans do fight for their rights and liberties. So does their President. itics/state-abortion-ballot-measure-vote-dg/index.html

16 Nobel Prize-winning economists say Trump policies will fuel inflation

Plus, Biden’s policy to liberate and regulate markets (restore democracy, equality and opportunity and calibrate the economy), renders Trump’s tariff hikes policy, obsolete.

George Latimer will defeat House ‘squad’ member Jamaal Bowman in historic New York Democratic primary, CNN projects

Israel should enter in meaningful discussions with Egypt and Jordan, at the earliest.

Biden aims to paint Trump as a man whose foreign policy makes him too dangerous to be in the Oval Office

Tomorrow we will know of course. Overall the U.S. foreign policy tends to support peaceful resolution of disputes between allies or between allies and third parties. Peaceful resolution is the principle. The terms of resolution are practically material for the parties but for the U.S. are frequently orbital to the principle. Nevertheless the U.S. do support allies and resolutions also on terms, taking all parameters into account. Finally, durable and lasting are fair, equitable and just resolutions.

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