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CBS News poll: 2 years after Roe’s overturn, majorities have concerns about more risk to pregnant women

The biological cycle of life is marked by the physical beginning – birth and the physical end – death. Living creatures interact (metabolism) and reproduce (evolution). Sexual interaction combines the genes of male and female gender to conceive and produce a new offspring organism. Normally, the combination (conception) takes place in the female womb (uterus). The womb is part of the female body. Gestation (post conception and pre-birth interactions between the female and the fetus), is private and internal female body function. Besides male participation in conception and external facilitation, there is no public interference in gestation (pregnancy). The female has exclusive authority and control over gestation (completion or abortion).

For this reason, the violation of the personality, individuality and privacy of the female, like the extra parte seizure of gestation control from the female, by the ordinary imposition of restriction of the right of abortion (of gestation) or other means, is not moral, constitutional or legal.

The personal right of the female to abort (or not abort) gestation is restricted on abuse only privately and interpersonally with the male or morally and socially. Abuse of the right of abortion measures against serious health conditions like insanity, mental (voluntary, compulsory or negligent) abolition of responsibility, physical self-injury and suicide. Measured against the medical and moral scale of abuse, abortion restriction can attract legal and judicial remedies, only in exceptional and extraordinary personal, interpersonal and social circumstances. Accordingly there is no additional political governance and/or judicial regulation requirement on the subject.

The relevant poll on abortion is indicative of this reason on the matter and the consequential reproductive care and health issues from legislated abortion restriction, proof.

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