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Putin and Kim seen laughing in Russian-made limousine after inking mutual defense pact

Putin and Kim amused at the prospect of restoration of liberal constitutional democracy, after the overt or covert private dictatorship imposed in Europe and elsewhere, by the trusts, monopolies and cartels in the markets and the media.

House’s Covid committee investigation struggles to overcome polarizing politics

Unlike other jurisdictions, crimes in liberal democracies are legal offences, not political issues for consent or dissent. Gongressional investigations are welcome but the competent investigations are judicial.

In the meantime, the question to mainstream corporate media and other devices, is simple and straight: Was organized promotion and hype of Covid in the media and by whom exactly was organized? So we expect the answer. Likewise on other relevant and material topics.

Disclosure and transparency in public information and communication is paramount. Naturally in the respect of deliberation, in the enforcement of the rule of law and in the award of justice.

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