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Gaza – Ukraine

War is the culmination of extremism which reigns (and rules).

The authorities must disclose and publicize the devices and mechanisms of organized extremism.

Warnings signs for Biden’s Jewish support as war in Gaza drags on and antisemitism rises

Interesting, but (a) extremists are minority in Israel and (b) politicians never (ever) bank on minorities to win elections.

In constitutional democracies (republics), minorities and individuals lead but not rule (over the majority). Furthermore minorities and individuals have inalienable rights of opposition and dissent. In modern times, technology of information and communication raises the standard of leadership (management, administation etc) inter alia, multifold and across the board. In politics, national leadership goes first (then follows regional and then international leadership).

5 ways a second Trump administration would be different from the first

Ditto, with previous comment.

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