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‘Democracy didn’t fall from the sky,’ says Baerbock in Bonn

Democracy is a liberal system. For this reason, it is a technical, functional system. Democracy is constitutional and based in the rule of law. Human rights and civil liberties are protected and asserted. Minorities oppose. Majorities rule. In republics via representative leadership. This leadership provides governance with transparency and publicity. This is how the system works.       

The press and the media are professional news organizations. They provide publicity which is necessary in democracy. The government makes the news. The press and the media report the news. This is standard, ordinary and normal.

The interim or the reverse, coupled with the exploitation of the press and the media, the employment of misinformation, disinformation and wrongful publicity with the commission of unlawful acts for attainment of derivative political, economic or financial profit, can be very dangerous, damaging and costly.

Trusts, monopolies and cartels in the media and the press have organized, orchestrated and deployed campaigns for a variety of unlawful and criminal ends, like physical and psychological violence, commercial and financial market speculation and manipulation, financial crime, terrorism, illegal undocumented migration, organized crime, bioterrorism, supply chain disruption, infrastructure sabotage, inflation, election subversion, security disorder, social war, biowarfare, cultural war, military conflict and war, war crime and crime against humanity, inter alia. In fact, the configuration of which chapters of law and regulation, besides anti – trust, such schemes have not violated, is a legal and juridical challenge.

Accordingly, these monopolies and cartels and especially master minders, instigators, accomplices and beneficiaries, face unlimited civil liabilities for compensations of damages, running well past US$ 20-30 quadrillion, even under very modest gross estimates, to meet private and public claims for losses, damages and injuries physical, psychological and life, without counting interest and cost. Administrative penalties are unaccounted. Warrants, injunctions and bonds due for immediate posting in security of the claims are past US$ 5 -10 quadrillion. At personal level the monopolies and cartels face many unaccounted terms of imprisonment for the criminal responsibilities and correctional penalties and in some jurisdictions, capital punishments.

In democracy, liberty has meaning and this meaning is the enforcement of the rule of law. In this case for maximum (extremist) subversion and violation of liberty and democracy, the usurpation of governance and the imposition of undisclosed dictatorship, as in the aforesaid instances, is indicative of the cost of this type of crime and delinquency, with the aforesaid results.

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