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Biden delivers stark warnings about potential second Trump term at star-studded fundraiser

Τhis is why Joe Biden runs for 2nd term president, reclaims governance, defends democracy, national security, sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and international alliances of the U.S., collaborates with the Congress, develops bipartisan policies, protects civil rights and liberties of American citizens, works for the individual and the common good, public and private interest, fights for fairness, equality, opportunity and justice, restores the rule of law, reinstates equity in taxation, liberates and regulates markets, enforces anti-trust, works for transparency and disclosure, restores fiscal discipline, justifies and calibrates subsidies and state aid towards technological investment, innovation and invention, develops research and education, preserves the environment and the natural resources, grows forestry and nuclear power, checks global warming emissions with EVs and other devices, nationalizes industries as and where due and necessary (like in defense areas), supports the middle class and the poor, invests in public infrastructure and services, deals with illegal undocumented migration proper, deals with extremism and terrorism, deals with abuse of economic, financial and trade sanctions, reinforces alliances, mobilizes tangible and intangible American power, regains trust and credibility of the U.S. system at national and international level, honors the fallen heroes of the U.S. Armed Forces, respects true Americans like John McCain, explains the moral standard, leads by example and last but not least, considers pardon for Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone and other figures for non related to January 6th offences and plead for the review of other minor cases.   

The proposition is not only moral display of political or national virtue but also technical recommendation, proactive and remedial for the restoration of order, if things go south.

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