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US NTSB investigating ‘Dutch roll’ by Southwest Boeing 737 MAX

The NTSB does a great diligent job as usual.

Boeing needs corporate overhaul and new planes to regain its former standing.

Americans are still paying more for shoes, luggage and hats after Biden left Trump’s tariffs in place

Tariffs is measure for protection of fair trade. It is not an apposite one for the very reasons outlined below. Therefore tariffs is measure of last resort.

When we say fair trade in free market, we mean exactly this. Competition is the name of the game. Fair under law and free under liberty. In the economy, market organizations (parties) and trade transactions (deals) are regulated and supervised. Competition is a beneficial and dynamic game, running in motion. Regulation and supervision concentrates in the ordinary, normal and so fair dimensions of competition which are determined by the dynamics and specifically by the motion (transaction flow) in the markets, open to opportunity. So is the enforcement against the elementary dodging of the rules.

Regulators and supervisors in markets resemble organizers and referrees in sports games. Rule and discipline works to preserve, unlock and develop the dynamics of the parties and of the economic, commercial and financial games (individual or teams, businesses or companies). Dynamics we mean motion and momentum, frequency and velocity i.e. speed. The winner in the game or leader in the race is copied but he cedes the copy for the power in motion and the speed (in evolution, innovation and invention). As far as the parties and the teams, training, exercise and fitness provided by adherence to the rules (limit and control), are the qualifications for victory and success. [Compare also with technical function and art performance, for example in music concert or theatric play. Watch the calibration of power output].

The above does not mean that the U.S. should leave free hand to China or anybody else on trade. While the principle, practice and policy of free market economy and specifically of fair trade, in free and competitive market, is not negotiable, the rest is. The free market concept is athletic, legal and overall technical and technological. It is also economic for a critical reason. This is the calculation and configuration of relative (accurate) economic and monetary denominations, this meaning exchange rates, interest rates, goods prices and asset values.

State aid, subsidy, institutional privatization and industry nationalization, will be discussed in separate note.

Ditto, on the economic and technological substructure of the political debates on liberty and law, between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress.

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