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Trump is dangling a lot of promises for a second term as he seeks support in new spaces

Maybe the U.S. budget can survive the exemption of service tips. I doubt it can survive the 2017 tax cuts, the private equity tax breaks and the state aid and subsidies to special interests.   

Market liberation and anti-trust enforcement policy is national and bipartisan.

Attorney General Merrick Garland calls attacks against Justice Department ‘dangerous for our democracy’

Democracy is functional.

The businesses forgo harmful or unlawful activities and political activities, which they are not incorporated or legally entitled for. This refers especially to commercial and financial corporations.

The constitution reserves human and civil rights and liberties to physical entities, this means physical persons. For example, personal and individual rights and liberties, like voting rights in elections. The regulation of political activity applies to information and communication companies. In media and the press apply also the professional standards of public information, news reports and journalism. The businesses adapt to free market and fair competition economic conditions and race to ascending technological, economic and ecological performance. Also, to commercial and financial performance which follows next.

In market liberation and anti-trust enforcement, actors, accomplices and beneficiaries responsible for running monopoly rings and cartels, are liable for free market violations, competition offences, convictions for crimes and compensations for damages. Monopoly rings and cartels are promptly dismantled by law enforcement, before justice takes charge.

What Biden’s tariffs on Chinese imports may mean for American jobs, the economy and inflation

The U.S. is right that China must open its markets and reduce subsidies and state aid to Chinese industries. Also that China should adhere to free market principles, fair competition practices and commensurate trade policies. However real economic growth is expected from emerging markets in the developing countries. Domestic and foreign competition conditions and economic competitiveness, national and international, matters. China has a widening lead there. Plus tarriffs have cost and EVs are necessary for global warming emissions control.

Suspect arrested in stabbing of 4 instructors from Iowa college in China, police say

It is possible that Xi is a moderate in China.

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