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Russian FM Lavrov takes aim at ‘West’ during visit to Congo Brazzaville on Africa tour

This is not true. Those, whose objective is to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, are not “West”, to begin with.

Planet warming at ‘unprecedented pace’

This is right and correct. Planet is indeed warming at unprecedented pace. This is not normal nor ok.

Humanity did benefit immensely from the industrial revolution (the Age of Steel) and from every previous technological revolution (the Age of Stone, the Age of Metal and the Age of Iron). However this benefit came at a cost and this cost, includes global warming, pollution, environmental degradation and biodiversity reduction. Humanity will deal with the ecological cost as it did and does with the economic benefit (and with both) and will fight global warming and climate change resolutely. This means emissions control, elimination of deforestation, expansion of forestation and reforestation and development of nuclear energy plants and installations, the soonest. This means also technological, ecological, economic, social and political progress, powered by the increased environmental conscience of the people, worldwide. This is normal and ok and this is what happens and will continue happen in the new Age of Electronic Information and Communication and in the Space Age.

It is true that the planet has undegone temperature and pressure vatiations due to chemical and biochemical composition variations as well as due to gravitational, nuclear and electromagnetic interactions, in the past. The difference now is that these variations are humanity driven.-

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