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Are extreme floods the new normal for Germany?

The monopolies and cartels in public information and communication, media and markets, have used every possible mean in their campaign for the imposition and normalization of extremism and excess, in Germany, the EU and worldwide.

Systematic disinformation and misinformation, hype, abuse and speculation, unlawful state aid, financial attacks, news dictation, communication direction, policy of disorder, market manipulation, terrorism, corruption, complot, conspiracy, inequality, poverty, uncertainty, trafficking of illegal undocumented migrants, organized crime, monument arson, bioterrorism, biowarfare, supply chain disruption, infrastructure sabotage, inflation, institutional and constitutional subversion, cyber attacks, election interference, culture conflict, religious aggression, racial tension, gender confusion, sexual aggravation, social tension and isolation, sexual preference LGBTQ+, economic damage, environmental degradation, technological regression, scientific subversion, civil and human rights violation, psychological and physical abuse, injury, stress, anxiety, distress, obesity, drug addiction, ecoterrorism, crypto currency, artificial intelligence, trade sanctions and war, are among their wide range of complotting schemes, to exercise and impose, their thinly veiled, fascist dictatorship, censor, control, crisis and chaos.

In sequence of all else, the acceleration of climate change, is also derivative of their long standing policy of imposition of their power monopoly by threat, psychological and physical violence, fear, terror, fraud, bribery and blackmail. Accordingly climate change is a natural golden conduit they will not miss for exploitation and further escalation of national and international disorder, economic damage and global destruction.

With Europe and the Middle East already at war, it is this precise kind of media, market and public information and communication monopoly and cartel which takes Germany, the EU and the member states, down their increasingly isolated and perilous path to the abyss and the void.

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