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Crypto’s ‘huge moment’ scrambling US politics

Do they know that Crypto is not convertible and that once you lock-in and put your money, you cannot cash out?

So that, all so called crypto values, are artificial and fictitious?

Biden administration preparing to announce border executive action as early as Tuesday

Biden is right that America is home to people whose ancestors have been there for thousands of years and folks who immigrated generations ago. Also that in Immigrant Heritage Month, Americans celebrate the courage of the nation’s immigrants, whose dreams are the foundation of America.

Immigrants take pride and recall from the origin of their ancestors, which is their own origin. This is one of the reasons for which the U.S. (and most other countries) enforced border and immigration control, since the 19th Century. Border control is matter of national and international security, sovereignty and territorial integrity. In the foundation of immigration control is evidence of origin, identification and travel of persons, animals, goods, materials and substances. In the 21st Century (which is the Digital Information Age and where everything is electronically tracked, tagged, coded and classified, particularly in travel, transport and trade), undocumented migrants are explicitly ineligible for asylum for the variety of the profound legal, social, personal, economic, safety and security reasons. Especially ineligible for asylum are all migrants, who on top of failing to carry, produce and provide documentation or other credible information of origin and identification, engage in complicit trafficking or otherwise violate national borders and unlawfully tresspas in foreign (U.S.) terrirory. This failure is evidence of inexcusable gross negligence or malicious intent on the part of the illegal undocumented migrants, who on top engage in the said violations and offences, furthermore of organized and systematic fashion.

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