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Elections and Security

Europe and the U.S. cannot stand up against Russia (Putin) and China (Xi) unless they deal with the crisis of capitalist extremism, unlawful state aid, monopolies and cartels. This is the political and the legal issue in Europe and in the U.S. For the additional reason that the world does not side with private capitalist extremism, complotting monopolies and cartels. For the same reason Greece cannot stand up against Turkey (Erdogan) and Israel (Netanyahu) cannot stand up against the Middle East, the Arab states and Iran. Obviously, the EU and the allies will not solve the problem by ceding Ukraine and other regions in Europe, to Russia or the U.S. and the allies by ceding Taiwan and other regions in the Pacific, to China. Or if Greece cedes territorial and sovereign rights to Turkey. Or if Israel conquers territorial and sovereign rights in the Palestine. In all such cases, the opposite will happen.

Capitalist extremism, the information and communication crisis and the incessantly complotting monopolies and cartels in the markets and the media is the structural and systemic crisis, which candidates in the U.S. (but not in Europe) address in different ways and policies. Biden is evolutionary. Trump is revolutionary. The issue for the voting public is who will be successful. Both candidates promise to deal with this crisis but so far neither has. The stage of military crisis and conflict is relevant and relative. In Europe, Russia has already attacked. In the Pacific, China has not attacked yet. Whatever the case, Russia and China are already in the lead. This is the issue, that Russia and China are already in the lead. Unless Europe, the U.S. and the allies deal seriously and effectively with the structural and systemic crisis of capitalist extremism, special interests, unlawful state aid and the complotting monopolies and cartels, Russia and China will stay and make more headway in world lead.

This is not good news for the additional reason that China alone will not be able to deal with climate change and other matters.

The problem with Russia is more serious for Europe than the corresponding problem of the U.S. with China. The reason is geography because, defense wise, the Pacific Ocean is in the right side for the U.S., whereas the Atlantic Ocean is in the wrong side for Europe (and symmetrically, the Pacific for the allies in South Asia and the Far East).

The particular issues in embattled Ukraine and Israel, (upcoming) Greece (and upcoming Taiwan) will be discussed in separate posts.

In the U.S. elections, Trump solves the problem with the policy of isolation. The U.S. will withdraw worldwide and fortify behind the borders with Mexico and Canada. Russia and China will share the rest of the world, meaning Russia will take over Europe and China will take over the Far East and the Pacific and share the rest. Biden says the U.S. will not surrender but fight on. What is likely to happen is the interplay between the two. In this sense the U.S. national security and defense policy is likely to become more dynamic. Provided however that the either way, Republicans or Democrats, the U.S. deal seriously and effectively with capitalist extremism and the complotting monopolies and cartels. The same stands for Europe and the allies. The opposite is the game of the Kremlin, at least.

This is the truth which I have repeated countless times for the public and the people to listen and learn. This has not happened because the markets and the media are not free. This is the result.

This is also the result of the war which the capitalist extremists, militants, fanatics, terrorists, gangsters, private special interests and the complotting monopolies and cartels, fiercely and systematically wage against democracy, liberty, equality, justice and the rule of law, against economy, technology and ecology, against the public and the people and specifically against Europe, the U.S. and the allies, humanity and the world, in collaboration with any possible enemies in every given opportunity, with increasing intensity in the last 20 years, at least, for crime, for hate and for profit.

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