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Jamie Dimon is worried about how much the US is borrowing. Here’s why

This is true.

The solution for the debt and deficit is growth. This means good growth, structural development not liquidity growth. Structural (investment), growth is deflationary. Liquidity growth for unreasonable consumption (speculation or worse), is inflationary. Neither and fiscal policy are black or white. So, the mix is a question of public policy (mechanics) of good, constructive, worthy and valuable spending and bad, useless or wrongful and wasted spending. Yet, the human capital is the most important. So valuable investment in the human capital is the one which matters the most.

Fiscal deficit and debt must be checked and so excess spending can and must be checked. Spending management and control towards paramount growth is essential because (a) it will check the deficit and (b) growth will generate revenue and resources to reduce the debt. On the revenue side tax inequality must be corrected and the rich must pay more in absolute and relative numbers, than the poor instead of the reverse. Not only for political justice but out of economic sense. The high-end beneficiaries of state aid, whether direct or indirect, must pay extra tax to match the favorable treatment. Finally free and competitive markets are conditions for economic growth. This meaning market liberation, regulation and supervision policy and tough law enforcement, are also essential.

Debt, deficit and spending should be topic in the presidential campaign. It is however standard contentious topic in Congress, hammered out in the normal divisive congressional process before fiscal policy ends up combining and consensual, as the case usually is. The above is the standard sound fiscal formula on which both Democrats and Republicans sign off, essentially bipartisan (constitutionally when not politically) fiscal policies.

In short, everything works within reason and the debt will be served by the revenue, which investment and real growth (economic development) will generate. The rate of growth will determine the rate of  repayment and reduction of the debt and the interest rate (and the return on investment). Obviously, market anomalies will not stand in the way, for the profound reasons.

On the differences in style between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the former is more “congressional” (parliamentary and statesman) whereas as the latter is more “presidential” (executive and popular). The issue for the voters is what works better. The seeming divergence (what works better) on the topic is in fact convergence (what does not). This is a subtle but important point to which the candidates offer different solutions and propositions. Besides differences in style there are also natural differences in personality and background as there are also similarities and commonalities. The campaign exchange provides this interesting interplay between the candidates.

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