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4 big questions as Bob Menendez’s corruption trial enters its second week

Two governments, Egypt and Qatar appear to have had transactional relations with Senator Menendez on foreign policy and security matters. A third government, Greece, also had such relations with Menendez which do not appear transactional, yet. Political relations are legitimate and so are lawful relations with members of Congress. International relations are national and diplomatic. Nevertheless, foreign and national security policy in the U.S. rests more in the realm of the presidential power and less in the realm of the congressional power. U.S. foreign and national security policy in the White House and in Congress is united. This unity is demonstrated particularly in the otherwise tough contest between the presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The essential policy differences between the two contestants are small, minimal or none. Even less contentious are the essential foreign relations and national security policy differences between Democrats and Republicans in Congress. The divisions and debates refer to tactics rather than strategies, practices and policies rather than principles. The narration of the preceding means that Greece and the European Union have a growing foreign policy and national and international security problem in their diplomatic and defence relations with the U.S. The gravity of this problem the Greek government and the EU administration hopefully but belatedly, begin to understand, despite the early and elaborate illustrations of both presidential candidates in the U.S.

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