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Order, Law and Migration

The monopolies and cartels cannot weaponize mass migration against national and international order. They cannot radicalize, organize and employ armies of undocumented migrants, meaning delinquents, criminals and terrorists, to threaten and occupy states and terrorize the population. The monopolies and cartels cannot upend the rule of law, enforce their private order by threat and intimidation of the population and hold hostage the national states and the international system and organization. It is inevitable that the unlawful violence of the monopolies and the cartels will meet the lawful violence of the institutions. The resolve and determination of the people and the states for liberty, democracy and sovereignty has been tested by few thugs, crooks and criminals, for too long. Now, retribution, recrimination and revenge against responsible and accomplices, is due and justice will be done. Master minders, organizers and instigators will pay for the harm and damage caused, down to the last penny.

Migration Policy

Illegal migration policy is offensive, not defensive. Civil conditions and living standards in the home states will rise to meet those of the host states. The tide of migration will reverse. Ethnic and cultural diversity, national identity and sovereign independence will be protected. Orderly exchanges by way of trade, transport, travel and tourism will be regulated and reinforced. It is unacceptable that objects, substances, animals and people are documented while illegal migrants are not. Traffickers and their supervising gangsters will be brought to justice.

Gaza – Student Protests

Free speech is human liberty and constitutional right. People are free to speak their minds. The students are free to say what they think and what they want about Gaza or about anything else. So are the politicians. People must speak and also listen to one another. This is what information and communication is all about.

There is extremism in Gaza and in the Middle East by everybody. The reason is because the situation is unsustainable. Now it is hopefully in the course of becoming sustainable. Thanks to the students and the politicians and thanks to human passion and reason in either side. The Palestinians and the Israelis believe that this is worth their sacrifices. They are probably right. The Palestinian sacrifices are comparatively higher than the Israeli. However Palestinian is the majority in the Middle East and for Israel, this is the issue.


The British were wrong divesting from Europe but right that the deficit of accountability and democracy in the EU is bad and getting ever worse. This deficit is illegitimate and unlawful and the elections for the European Parliament are cosmetics to cover the truth.

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