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Putin’s visit to China: Here’s what you should know

Figures and leaders matter. So do the states they lead. China, Russia and the U.S. have serious differences and disagree in many matters and very seriously so. But not in all. The matters which they tend to disagree less, are global matters. These states are represented by their Presidents Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden. The world is understandably bigger than China, Russia and the U.S. even if accounted together. Still these three powers are leading forces, so much of what happens depends also on what they do. Ultimately on what these three persons think, say and do. Joe Biden is not permanent, no one is. But he is the sitting President in the U.S.

National policy is rule 1 in politics. The job of the U.S. President is more complicated because he has to combine diverse Democrat and Republican politics into national policies partisan or bipartisan, more than the Presidents of Russia and China have to. The question is if that is in favor or disfavor of the American liberal and democratic system. The answer is, when the system is functional it is. When the system is disfunctional it is not. Yet this system is dynamic not static. So it is not even perfect or imperfect, it is not supposed to be and not always. It varies within reason. For liberty and democracy this (dynamic) is the catch. In more authoritarian systems policy variations are more tight but they benefit from the larger margins in the policy variations of the liberal systems. Political theory can get more extensive and particular but this note is short. This theory tells that Europe could also be party to the aforementioned group of superpowers. The practice is what we do not see, yet.

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