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China’s Xi Jinping highlights Europe’s divisions ahead of expected Putin visit

Not exactly. Sanctioned and embattled states like Russia (directly) and Iran (indirectly) assert themselves regionally and turn to alternatives. China, India and the developing countries are the obvious alternatives to turn to. They all have individual and independent gravity in world affairs due to volume and displacement. They draw additional leverage via Russia and Iran. Xi Jinping may highlight some political divisions but this is the least of the problems the EU faces. In the military commands of Europe and the U.S. the question at the moment is not whether Russia will cut through the Balkans across to the Adriatic Sea, but when. This will outflank Greece and Israel out of the European equations and leave them into the regional equations, Greece with Turkey and its northern troubles and Israel with Iran and the other Arab (and Islamic) states in the Middle East. Similar questions of military tactics linger across the central – north eastern border of the EU. That, the responsibility for this situation is with the private monopolies and cartels, the indifferent when not complicit EU administration, the complotting and corrupt regime of Greece and last but not least, the extremist far right government of Israel, is historical and legal not political and remedial remark. Speaking about history, the Cold war was much about ideology. It is still the same, save that it has turned hot and the Soviet Union looks quite different and (far) bigger.

The situation will be illustrated further early next year if Trump wins the elections and the U.S. formally withdraws from NATO.

Wars and Global Conflicts

The system of extremist capitalism, unlawful state aid, monopolies and cartels, fixed markets, conflict, crisis and chaos, does not work. Not because it is unequal, illegal, immoral, inflationary, unjust, bad, wrongful, damaging and prejudicial. Not only because of personal, political, legal, national and international reasons. Because of factual, technical, technological, economic, real and realistic reasons. This is pure logic and plain common sense.

This system does not work and is failed, broken or exploded. Not for the many or the few. For anyone, everyone and for all. Not workable means not durable, not sustainable and not financially viable and bankable. Krypto does not work. AI does not work, here because of program. Leaving the rest, extremism, terrorism, illegal migration especially of undocumented persons, Covid, disruption, sabotage, conspiracy, corruption, intrigue, etc. Defective defficiency, inefficiency and uneconomic disfunction do not work. There are no resources or capital to support them.

Some few say never mind “it works for us for now”, “or fool them”, “or we will scare them and impose it”. Truly it does not and will not work, never did and will never do because it was not meant to work, let alone because the test is global.

This is what we are trying to say here. You do not have to call the Kremlin, Beijing, Tehran, Ankara, BRICs or planet Earth to tell you, wait for WWIII, climate disaster or even read my column. The below is of simple realization and elementary conception.

One word, six letters, global. Another word, nine letters, universal.

How many years do I repeat or try to repeat the profound?

Both Biden and Trump want higher tariffs 

The reason the U.S. wants higher tariffs is because markets need to be liberated and regulated (and supervised). The U.S. tariffs fall under the regulation section, failing other means.

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