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Biden says he will stop sending bombs and artillery shells to Israel if it launches major invasion of Rafah

Biden is right for all the moral, legal and political reasons. 

Israeli extremism plays straight into the hands of Iranian and regional extremism. They are the political beficiaries of the Israeli war in Gaza. Plus they are not alone. Other powerful players like Russia and China, take notice and interest. Gaza is not the only foothold of Iran in the Middle East. They have Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Libya and in numerous Arab states. Israel is aware of this. Alliances with the Saudis make things no better. The U.S. and Europe are obviously right in the policy of moderation. Plus Israeli extremist policy leaves them little (no) option. Extremism, opportunism and speculation carry cost. Frequently dear.

How Rupert Murdoch quietly helped Mike Johnson survive Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ouster attempt

Transparency in media and public information and communication, is obiously essential.

Asia’s most powerful billionaires are getting drawn into the world’s biggest election

and in big business.

Global temperature streak continues with record heat in April

Hurricanes, heatwaves and rising seas: The impacts of record ocean heat

Food, health, agriculture and everything else.

The Company Preaching America’s Nuclear Revival

Well done.

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