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Gaza aid ‘choked off’ after IDF seizes Rafah border crossing

The Israeli government can do what it likes with the Palestinians because the Israelis are strong and the Palestinians are weak. So, the Israeli government can starve, kill and trash the Palestinians. However other people and world people are not Palestinians and not weak as the Palestinians.

So, the monopolies and cartels which profess to be strong like the Israeli extremists, cannot trick, cheat and trash (let alone injure and damage) everybody like they do with the Palestinians. At least not without paying the cost or even with profiting from it. For example, the Russians and the Chinese are not Palestinians. Neither the Americans, the Israelis and the rest of the world, are Palestinians. Plus, they are not as weak as the Palestinians. As to the rest of world, they are not Palestinian either and not weak or as weak as the Palestinian.

This is why we insist that the most effective and efficient way for all to deal with the monopolies and cartels in the markets and the media, is with law and regulation enforcement and with taxation with regard to principle and policy enforcement. This is the best way for restoration of justice and order and in any case, it is better than violence and war especially in the circumstances. Furthermore, it is better particularly for the liberal and democratic states.

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