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Law and Order – Justice and Enforcement

The law enforcement and judicial authorities must take action for the prosecution of all actors and accomplices responsible for insider trading, price fixing, market manipulation, trust and cartel, complot, corruption and conspiracy, unlawful state aid, misinformation, disinformation, election manipulation, vote rigging, fraud, deceit, duress, blackmail, bribery, financial crimes, crimes relating to illegal migration, including the organization, radicalization and weaponization of undocumented and mass migration against host states, terrorism, bioterrorism, biowarfare, infrastructure sabotage, cyberattacks, supply chain disruption, inflation, organized crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, obstruction of justice and for all crimes, wrong doings, abuses, offences and violations relating to the preceding or other related physical or psychological violence.  

The injured parties, both public and private, must take action with the law enforcement and the judicial authorities to file claims of damages for compensation, reimbursement, reparation and restitution against the responsible and liable parties and accomplices.

Finally, the administrative authorities must dimandle the trusts and cartels and impose due commercial, corporate, penal and correctional penalties for related regulation violations and abuses.

US election results to not affect desire to inflict strategic defeat on Russia — Lavrov

We do not share your pessimism. Trump has already said that, if elected the U.S. will withdraw from NATO and in fact invited Putin to do whatever he likes with Europe.

End-of-conflict issue becomes stumbling block in Israel-Hamas deal — media

So, what is the deal?

China president vists France, Serbia and Hungary: What is at stake?

The triumph of China is not at stake.

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