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Students vs Monopolies & Cartels – Israel and the Palestine

The Palestinians do not have national rights in the Palestine. They have legal public and private rights and reasonable civil autonomy rights.

Israel is not behind genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza, in Palestine or elsewhere. Far right politics in Israel are behind these crimes. The Palestinians were not behind the terrorist attack against Israel in October 7. Terrorist Hamas was. Extremist monopolies and cartels in the markets and the media are behind both, far right politics in Israel and Hamas terror politics in Palestine. The same in the Ukraine and Russia war, in conflict and in perpetual crisis and chaos everywhere.

Freedom and democracy must be protected. Law and order must prevail. Extremism must be isolated. Terrorism must be prosecuted. The markets and the media must be liberated, regulated and cleared of monopolies and cartels, organized crime particularly financial, extremism and terrorism.

Students care about justice in Gaza but the political undercurrent driving the student protests is the dissent against the evasive private power of monopolies and cartels in information, communication, education, economy, ecology, technology and society.

The students are not attorneys or justices, not yet at least. The law enforcement agencies must clear the markets from the monopolies and cartels and bring the comploters to justice to face the claims for damages, the liabilities for compensations and the correctional penalties. This will restore law, order, equality and justice, remove extremism and terrorism and relieve the U.S., Europe and the world from organized crime, particularly financial.

Anti-semitism, Gaza, student protests and monopolies

The Gaza war is advanced by extremist far right policies supported by extremist pro-monopoly interests in Israel, the U.S. in Europe and elsewhere.

Anti semitism is a moral and can be legal charge. The dissent to extremist far right policies with the known results and in the abusive and illegal conduct of the monopolies and cartels in market function and elsewhere and the defence of the rule of law and the constitution, is not anti semitic.

It is pro semitic because it was the subversion of the constitution by the Nazis in pre-war Germany which led to the persecution of the Jews, WWII and the Holocaust. Human and civil rights and liberties, freedom, constitutional democracy and the rule of law are the real securities of the safety of the Jews and for world peace and prosperity.

Accordingly, the divestment of the universities from predatory private monopolies or pro-monopolies is proper and mandatory. Anti trust is not antisemitic but lawfuly compliant. The students protest movement has been infiltrated by extremists most of them university external, who create or cause anti semitic provocations to cloud and confuse for political, the legal issue of the extremist far right policies in Israel and of the terrorist policies of Hamas in Gaza.

The protestors must not accept violence physical or verbal, expecially anti semitic and particularly against innocent Israel and Israelis. They can protest and express their dissent peacefully and publically. They can also resort to the Department of Justice and to the International Courts for war crimes and humanity crimes against the extremists and the terrorists and for anti trust violations against the monopolies and cartels, the complotters and all responsible accomplices, for damages, compensations and penalties.

The semitic movement is just and therefore must not allow extremists, terrorists, criminals or offenders of the law and the constitution to hide behind it and spoil or tarnish its moral high ground, let alone hijack the Israeli national movement or the Jewish moral movement for profit let alone abusive and unlawful.

The Biden administration and the other national administrations must defund the private monopolies and cartels not the universities. The monopolies and cartels are those which tax the people, the lawful businesess and the economies via inflation and which systematically complot and cause all the corruption, crisis and the systemic chaos. The administrations must liberate and regulate markets, cut unlawful subsidies and state aid to monopolies and cartels, tax and penalize them for free market offences, especially for professional and habitual, and restore, justice, equality and order. Last but not least the administrations must refund the universities, especially those which divest from abusive, evasive and predatory private monopolies and cartels. Finally they must refer all other offenders to justice for wrongful abuses, crimes and violations and for the civil compensations and correctional (penal) penalties due.

The crisis is the central national and institutional issue which the public wants to see resolved. Elections, politics, people, institutions (and everything else) are about power and the presidential candidates know this.

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