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NY police arrest 300 at pro-Palestinian student protests

Much better (reporting).

Otherwise, no Courts but politics. All right, then the students are warriors and winners for freedom and democracy, for law and order, for information and communication, for power and people, for technology, ecology and economy, for art and academy, for glory, for the U.S., for the Palestine, for Israel, for the Middle East, for the world, for energy, motion and dimension, intelligence, spirituality, excellence and for the future. This is the truth, and either way you look at it or you read it, the result is the same, similar or near. With the caveat that the dominant interests should always take (or have taken) a deal when the still have one (or had one), if they ever do (or did).

This is the flip side of the Gaza protests and the true story. The students are saints of sanctity, noble knights of morality, heroes of justice, honor, history, integrity and champions of science, philosophy, intellectuality, academy and reason. Human beings are fallible in management but good and God are the true masters of energy, power and force. Maybe this is not compeling or absolving for horrific Gaza and the Palestinians but it is mandatory for literature, education and the rest.

As to vindication of the current generation of American leadership for the present and the past unrealized dreams, the students offer them a chance for predication of the future, which is continuing but for them.

Other more trivial legal issues, like law enforcement and the crackdown of organized crime or political issues, like why anti far right policy protests in Israel are anti – national or anti – semitic, will be discussed in separate posts. Stay tuned.

Big Oil repeatedly misled the public over their private downplaying of climate crisis

Outstanding journalism.

The combustion of fossil fuels for energy has run its historic, technological and economic course. Prolonging this by misinformation, disinformation, deception and denial, is very seriously damaging and prejudicial, first for the energy producers themselves. Provision of energy products is one thing. Exploitation of the consumers’ energy needs or the market, especially extremist and unlawful, is another self destructive if not outright suicidal. Electronic times are ecological, in addition to technological and economic. The manufacturing industry is divesting from fossil fuels and investing in new energy systems and solutions. The energy industry will follow. Proactively and politically the world will cut subsidies to fossil fuels. Reactively and legally oil & gas will face claims and law suits for damages and compensation liabilities. Also penal and correctional risks. The belief that information technology favours misinformation and disinformation ventures is misplaced. The reverse is real. Fossil fuel fundamentalists against ecology, economy and technology, let alone with information and communication, play with borrowed time and money.

The fossil fuel industry has a lot to offer still but its management has to see the energy transition trajectory, the reality and the future. And act upon it if it wishes to remain contemporary. Speculative calling and cashing on the past may be temporarily profitable but not diligent or wise, especially in the circumstances. Accountability and recourse is brewing and not for vindication.


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