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NYPD officers enter Columbia University campus

I thought the students’ rights and liberties to protest were federal.

Besides that I do not understand, what is exactly the problem with the students protests. Disrupting classes, destroying property, causing damage? Disagreement over the subject of the protests about Gaza or other? Why and with whom? Have the students rights of legal recourse against NY state authorities, Columbia and any accomplice, for violation of constitutional rights to protest?

US military building floating pier off Gaza. Pentagon says it will cost $320 million

Two questions. Why exactly is the pier necessary? Who is paying the $320 million?

US plans to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug

Is it? I thought the U.S. President and the Congress were busy with other pressing matters. Like the formation of national policies. Which is standard in politics and democracies. Pity we disagree on this reporting.

NY police clear pro-Palestinian protesters from Columbia, Wisconsin Madison, Tulane, University of South Florida, UCLA

The issue is very simple. Did NY City or Columbia and the other city and university authorities have the legal right to violate the federal rights and the consitutional liberties of the students to protest (free speech and assembly) or not?

The campus building occupation, the comparisons with the 1968 protests on the Vietnam war, the prior consultations of the NY City authorities with the state and the federal authorities, which, how and with whom etc, will be examined by the competent state and federal investigation authorities and will be argued in the NY State and Federal Courts depending on the findings and on the competent jurisdiction.

In order to protect their rights of legal recourse for violation of their freedoms of speech and assembly and for all their intends and purposes, the students must obviously make their protests and demonstrations as noticeable and powerful as they desire but care to keep them peaceful and legal. Accordingly they must isolate extremists and outside individuals provoking violence and report suspicious individuals and provocators infiltrating the protests for nefarious or other purposes, formally to the police. The Courts (Justices and Prosecutors) know that protests, including extraordinary, are part of University regular life and educational function and besides sympathy to the students will take interest in addition to the aforesaid, also to indications for unwarranted, dispropotionate or excessive interference, provocation or disruption of University life by police or other forces of law and order or third parties especially outside, pro or against the controvercial issues and the circumstances this happened. More than Gaza, this last and its pertinence to possible or potential violations of students’ rights and liberties, is the most interesting and important for the authorities, administrative, legal and political issue at stake.

Finally and as far as Israeli politics are concerned, opposition to far right policies in Israel or the reverse, are obviously neither anti – Israeli nor much more antisemitic. Extremist view that such opposition is either anti – Israeli or much more antisemitic, must be met with caution and suspicion, starting with pro-monopoly motivation.

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