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Hamas Hostages

So, the story is that Hamas attacked Israel in the known terror fashion and took the Israeli hostages. In retaliation, to free the hostages and to remove Hamas, Israel invaded Gaza in the known brutal fashion. Hamas does not release the hostages and does not surrender Gaza for the national liberation, land reclamation and statutory realization of the Palestinians, for which it says it stands for. The same corresponding claims have the Israelis. The difference being that the Israeli claims are historic, whereas the Palestinian claims are contemporary. Israel argues that the Palestinian claims are also historic and that the Israeli claims (rights and entitlements) are earlier. Here is where the sovereignty of Israel in the Palestine, draws legitimacy from. If the earlier historic rights of the Israelis are accepted, the Palestinians are left with private and public rights but not with national rights. This leaves the Palestine without Hamas and Israel without the right-wing coalition in power or to be exact, without Benjamin Netanyahu in power. Yet, neither will be to the great displeasure of the majority of the Israelis and the Palestinians. Meanwhile Hamas must release the hostages or explain why it does not.

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