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France contributes to the EU’s next strategic agenda.

Great speech at La Sorbonne by President Macron, with many useful ideas.

Germany – Nuclear Energy Plants

Compliments to Cicero magazine. Excellent journalism.

We will never cease to fight for technology, nuclear energy and true green environmentalism.

France – Climate Leadership

France is already model in nuclear energy development. It can certainly do more.

South African Dream Unfulfilled

30 years on the ANC and the western liberal and democratic system have failed to deliver. South Africa is left disappointed and is not alone. Almost all Africa is riddled by poverty and corruption. Not only Africa but also Latin America, South Asia and the Middle East, Russia and even the developed countries themselves. This is exactly why world politics increasingly dance in the rythms of China, conducted by Xi. Drawing from Russian socialism and communism but with Chinese characteristics. This is where China and Xi meet the political plans of Putin or the reverse goes. Where both can see the simple pragmatic reality, that LGBTQ+ is problem only for the market and media monopolies and the extremist minority of the billionaires, not for LGBTQ+ themselves or for the great majority of the people in Africa and everywhere, whose problem is poverty, inequality, crime, violence and war. Which has only exacerbated from the Covid, inflation, corruption and the precipitated economic, social, political, technological, ecological and security crisis and chaos which reverberates across the continents and the world. Nelson Mandela maybe standing before the job unfinished but maybe not.

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