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Trump Trial

Trump can say in the trial the following, if they are true or if he believes them to be true:

That he did have the private affair with Mrs. Daniels and paid the hush money but he did this because he was blackmailed. That he had no other option then for national, political and family reasons (which he can explain) but that he has other option now because of the change of circumstance and of the trial in Court. That Mrs. Daniels, Mr. Cohen and Mr. Pecker were in fact proxies of the monopolies of the media and the markets which in fact fix, control and manipulate public information and communication in the U.S. and worldwide, (naming the persons involved and the methods they use). That his foreign and security policy was always faithful and national and explain the merits particularly with regard to Russia, China and the Middle East. That the law enforcement and national security agencies unfairly, unfoundedly and unjustifiably suspected him for treason and the Russians for election interference in his favor, intended or attempted. That he had contacts with Russia but that these were purely business, ideological and political and did not interfere in the performance of his duties in office or in his foreign policy choices with Russia, Europe, the Middle East or elsewhere. That he was always naturally national and pro American in all international relations and security matters (and go into particulars to the appropriate and desirable extent). That the media and market monopolies, (again naming the persons involved and the methods they use), are responsible for financial manipulation, illegal migration, Covid, disruption, sabotage, inflation, crisis, election subversion, the Capitol Hill invasion (which he did not want to happen), the war in Ukraine, the war in Gaza, the so-called fraud case (which is hyped), the classified documents case (which is nonsense) and last but not least the hush money payment to which he was forced upon and blackmailed both before and after but that this trial gives him the chance to reveal the truth. That he was under duress then but that he is no longer under duress now and so the first thing he does now as defendant in the trial and candidate in the election and which he will do as president if he is elected, is to take every action in his power to bring the unlawful market and media monopolies to justice and seek their civil and penal condemnations and full compensations for damages sustained by each American and by the U.S. and for moral restitution, which are the exact actions which the current administration does not take. That his policy was always against the media and the market monopolies, that this policy he could not enforce in the first term in office for the said reasons but that he can and he will enforce it in the second term, if the American people re-elect him in office. That the foregoing are proven also by the evidence and the expert evidence. That he expressly reserves his rights against any responsible person or party for any wrong doing against him or anyone else in the foregoing or otherwise. Finally, that for all these reasons the jury must declare him innocent.

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