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China’s Growth – Covid bioterrorism and biowarfare

The Covid compensations should be accounted in the estimates for China growth. China was implicated in the Covid bioterrorism and bio warfare not only by implicating in the fabrication of Covid agent in Wuhan but also in the subsequent supply chain disruption via the Covid operation seizure of the container terminal operations in the major Chinese ports and the generation of the derivative inflation. The responsibilities are shared with other international state and private accomplices in the Covid bioterrorism and biowarfare operation. However international complicity cuts both ways. Liability is shared but responsibility is exacerbated due to complot. Also the port disruption and the inflation generation compound the original Wuhan delinquency. The domestic and international damages from Covid and the corresponding civil and commercial claims for domestic and international compensations, reparations and restitutions run to tens if not hundreds of $US quadrillion. Covid was a huge strike against all national and World economies except China which correspondingly benefited. The set back to the U.S. economy from Covid and the benefit to China from the increase of Chinese Covid related exports gave to China at 5 year advantage in the economic convergence with the U.S. Similarly with all other economies, especially developed. However early cash of the benefits, concealed the liabilities which are due and outstanding. Now comes the time for payment so the Covid asset swaps for liability in the China book of accounts. The result is that China now is financially bankrupt from the Covid civil and commercial claims alone. Especially if the Covid claims are foreclosed i.e. if they become immediately due and payable on demand.

Penal liabilites for Covid bioterrorism and biowarfare related offences amount for crimes against humanity and are maybe in the jurisdiction of the ICC. However full range criminal liabilities for Covid crimes are found in every national jurisdiction. Possible referral of Chinese nationals to Chinese justice for high treason or other serious Covid crimes, is likely to have the presumed implications. Elsewhere international treaties provide for the prosecution of responsibles with international warrants, injunctions and extradition provisions, for the actors, instigators, accomplices and other criminally culpable parties.

On the political side it is true that complicit actors in the Covid bioterrorism and biowarfare are found in many other national and international jurisdictions. Also true is the complot between state and private actors. However developed democratic states do not purport to be free from complot and corruption both systematic and systemic or model political systems. Also they are not politically centralized, despite the foregoing encroachment of private actors in public institutions. In the political regimes in China, Russia and elsewhere authority is more centralized (running to the top either way) and with it follows political responsibility (and legal liability). Central consolidation of power has advantages and disadvantages. One serious discrepancy is enough to turn the system upside down, first for unavailability of remedies.

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