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Viva la Revolución

Vive la révolution, Long live the revolution, Lunga vita alla rivoluzione, Lang lebe die Revolution, Ζήτω η επανάσταση, Да здравствует революция, תחי המהפכה, تحيا الثورة, انقلاب پاینده باد, इन्कलाब जिंदाबाद, Hidup revolusi, 革命万岁, 革命万歳, Maisha marefu mapinduzi

In political science, revolution is a rapid, fundamental transformation of a state political structure (usually regime). Revolutions are extraordinary political events, in response to extreme conditions. Historically revolutions develop from powerful political movements against failure or collapse of constitutional order and institutional function by autocratic and authoritarian political regimes. Depending on the systems in crisis and the scale of chaos due to violation, oppression, repression, disruption and exploitation, revolts develop national or international dimensions. Revolutionary political movements develop ideological formations and radical, violent or non violent expressions.

International crisis and global chaos due to systematic violation of order, systemic corruption, social failure, injustice and inequality, oppression, repression, disruption and exploitation and technological, economic and ecological collapse, vests political revolutionary currents and undercurrents with cross border attributes. At world scale we currently see such political movements in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe with the war between Russia and Ukraine (emerging elsewhere), in the Aegean with tensions between Greece and Turkey, in the Middle East between Israel and Iran, in Gaza and in the Red Sea – Yemen (emerging elsewhere), in the Far East and in the Pacific with China, Russia and North Korea, in Central America (emerging with tension rising between U.S. and Mexico), in Africa, Somalia, Sudan, Sahel (emerging elsewhere) and counting.

The revolutionary movements underpinning the said military conflicts, historically precipitated the precedent systematic law and regulation violation, systemic corruption and extortion, misinformation, disinformation, market manipulation, financial extremism, terrorism, illegal migration, Covid, technological, economic and ecological sabotage, unlawful fabrication and falsification of standards, ethics and culture war, rampant organized crime and the consequential failure and collapse of order at national and international scale.

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