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New EU compettiveness deal

This policy will be successful if markets are liberated from dominant monopolies, oligopolies and cartels, competition is reinstated and regulations are updated. The last is important because liquidity is capital, so energy item. Energy and money need management and this needs program, meaning liberal, functional and dynamic, structure and system, framework and infrastructure. This develops concurrently technology, economy and ecology. Liquidity without regulation is like burning fuel (or worse, fire) instead of running combustion device for power output. Unregulated liquidity, breeds all the adverse effects, market speculation, manipulation, inflation, abuse, autocracy, inequality and delinquency, to mention a few.

Finally the international competition is not only economic. It also military conflict with critical security dangers and risks in store. Accordingly the confrontation has revived geopolitical, political and ideological attributes, reminiscent of the Cold, but now Hot War. The contest is between democracy, liberty, equality, opportunity and free market economy vs extremist state capitalism + hybrid socialism with western and eastern (mainly Chinese) characteristics, respectively. The conflict and the fault is evident in the military fronts in Eastern Europe, Eastern Mediterranea, the Near and Middle East, the Far East, the Pacific, through to Central America (transpacific) and Africa (transatlantic) and north – south. Who fights for what is not exactly clear, therefore the parties should take care (to win) what and whom they are fighting for.

Military fights like wars, need morale and morale need stories, which better be true. The real story is the system contest, in which the system better be sound (and off crisis, chaos, subversion and sabotage), because the systems and the troops are in the front line of fire. The system is fundamentally technological, so technology is the real story and this is tested in security (and in combat).

Put simply the aspiration of western crusaders to teach lessons to eastern infidels is worthwhile, provided that they have lessons which work, to teach. The same appplies on the reverse, hense the aspiration of islamic jihadis to teach lessons to western infidels. Or purely to resist the authoritarian imposition of either.

The EU should be wise to see this in the conflict with Russia, for example. Besides security and geopolitical issues, the military challenge is systematic with profound economic, political, social, institutional, legal and technological attributes. Defence is mandatory but the system is part of it. The war is hot and Russia is not alone. The same or similar we see across the fissure from Finland in the Northwest down to the Near East and east around the globe through to Somalia, Yemen and Iran in the Southwest.

War is rarely about war only, and not for free.

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