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Bad news for Biden (and all Americans): Inflation is creeping higher

Not so bad. The POTUS still holds some cards. Firstly, he can use the sanction and other foreign policy for the reincorporation of Iran in the international economy and the financial system. The formal return of Iranian energy products in the commodity markets will temper inflationary pressures. No less importantly the rebound of Iran in the international community as normal modern state, will contain extremism and terrorism. Then Iran will reduce military suppport to Yemen Houthis and in turn they will stop the terror attacks against commercial shipping, liberating the Red Sea and resuming maritime transport traffic via Suez. Finally the POTUS can work with the administration and the Congress to liberate the commercial and financial markes, which are monopolised or oligopolised.

Biden says US defense commitments to Japan and Philippines remain ‘ironclad’ as he hosts key meeting 

Excellent foreign policy and diplomacy.

Russian hackers steal US government emails

From Cloud?

AI in the Middle East

In AI program is King. + data of course.

Japan – U.S. alliance

The dissent of China is understandable. However the regional states have to counter the might and posture of China, including the military, no?

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