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European Parliament

Since when are exremist and terrorist groups allowed in the European Parliament, in the premices of the main chamber and during the assembly of the members and in voting process?

Under what rules is the vote of the European MPs drawn under threat of physical and psychological violence, intimidation and duress, by exremist and terrorist groups in the European Parliament during the voting process, is considered valid, let alone legal?

By the way what was then the democratic fury in Europe about the storming of the Capitol Hill by demonstrators and protesters for the result of the 2020 election in the U.S.?

Trump tells wealthy donors he wants to extend his 2017 tax cuts

Awesome. How many votes?

European Parliament vote on migration issues

Stricter rules? When the admission of undocumented, unidentified foreign tresspassers engaged in trafficking and other criminal activity became rule above travel, migration, general and universal national and international laws, rules and regulations. how, by whom and under what authority?

Mass Organized Trafficking of Undocumented and Illegal Migrants and Economic, Social and Political Development of the Migrant Home States

How does the two tie? Especially when the poor populations in the famine, violence and war ridden developing countries in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Latin America, are the worst suffering and affected by world inflation, crisis and chaos?

How can organized crime double for humanitarian activity?

EU – Russia

Extremists in Russia are in coordination and possibly collaboration with extremists in Ukraine, in the EU and in the member states.

The former wait for the latter to finish their systematic job of sabotage, subversion, corruption, treason, moral decadence and institutional decay of the EU and the member states and the violent intimidation, false frustration and malicious dispirit of the European populations, before they order the Russian armoured divisions to cross the borders, west bound. The same stands with extremists in Turkey and in Greece, in China and in the U.S. and elsewhere. This is the worldwide standard of crisis, chaos, damage, disruption, inflation and war.

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