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Baltimore Bridge Crash

The concern of the White House is justified. The effort for federal assistance also. Federal also is the national security aspect. If there is foul play in the crash, like sabotage of the electrical systems leading to the black out or malice in the steering of B/S Dali, then we have terrorist attack. If so this attack carries similarities to the NY WTC attack with the weaponization of commercial airplanes. Or the terrorists maybe testing for something bigger. The FBI and the U.S. national security agencies, obviously competent in such cases, are not known to scrable in their professional operations and investigations or engage in any politics.

At Maryland state level, federal assistance is obviously welcome and appreciated but the repair costs and the damages will be covered principally by the owners, the operators and their insurers. The respective shipping and insurance markets are aware of the rules. Finally the U.S. is not Egypt as far as comparisons with the 2021 Suez Canal blockade and the B/Ss Dali – Ever Given, maybe drawn.

Here, the current renewed Suez Canal blockade by the Houthi terror attacks against commercial shipping, looks like escalation of the 2021 much more dangerous and deadly. So is the military conflict of the Houthis with the international naval forces in defence of maritime traffic, trade and transport. There maybe leads in Baltimore for the FBI and the federal security agencies to follow. Starting with Baltimore bridge repairs of course, in the said premises.

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