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U.S. Elections

Politics is about power. The central issue in currrent Western politics and prominenty in the U.S., is who rules the country. Is it the luminous public institutions provided in the costitution, the President and the Congress? Or the dark private monopolies and cartels of Wall Street, in the markets and the media? Why? Because liberty and democracy are fundamental in the U.S. This is the primary political issue, straight and simple.

The reason Trump lost the elections in 2020 is because he did not convince the American public that he would seize power from the private monopolies in favor of the American public institutions. Why he lays powerful claim for the office of the President now? Because he says he will, if he is given the chance. Will he? This is for the American voters to guess and decide their vote.

The same stands for Biden. He is running with one advantage against Trump. His policies and politics against inequality. And one disadvantage. Biden is the sitting President, while Trump is the contestant.

In American and western politics democracy and liberty are the bottom lines. Especially in tight election runs. The issue of power is towering not only in elections but in the daily currency of politics. Therefore the restoration of order, the seizure of power from the private monopolies and its return to the Congress and the President institutions (this meaning the people) is not an issue only to convince the electoral public over, but actually to make it happen. Here Biden may just have a better chance.

Important however is what happens next. If neither of the candidates elect does it after the election, the political and institutional crisis in the U.S. will persist. The same stands for all Western democracies facing the same predicament. This is a serious national and international security and stability matter. Such disruption and disorder, the rest of the World will not accept. Put simply, even if the Western nations accept the rule of the dark or shadow private monopolies (to enemies’ delight), the other nations will not.

Mexico has already laid sovereign and territorial claims against the U.S. and specifically against Texas over organised, mass, illegal, undocumented migration (invasion). Two more such Mexican claims are in the waiting, against Arizona and California. Here the theoretical argument is that the U.S. Armed Forces will protect the southern states and defend the U.S. territorial integrity. The practical question, is how.

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