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Time to withdraw?

Israel is perfectly capable and has at least the military might to prevail in the Middle East. Particularly against Iran which is the most serious contestant in the region. So Israel can protect its Arab allies from Iran, as well. After the Houthis attacks, the Suez maritime traffic is effectively blocked but neither Europe and Russia or India, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia and the South Asia countries, in either side of the canal seem to care that much. The U.S. has domestic energy resources and does not depend on the Middle East. The countries in the Middle East, will remain customers of the U.S. defence industries. So I do not see what other U.S. interests are left in the Middle East, for the U.S. military to defend. Especially with rising war risks with Mexico in the South and with North Korea and China in the Pacific.

Europe is following its own course also, as it has to. What security interests of the U.S. remain in Europe for the U.S. military to defend, I do not see either at least for now. So the U.S. military can withdraw from Europe also.

Africa is a question, but again this hinges on the kind of U.S. interests which the U.S. military is called to defend in Africa.

In these premises and foreseable circumstances, I suppose that these also, among others, are questions and concerns for the U.S. military commands to consider.

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