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World Politics

In China the political success of Xi is based in his socialism, called socialism with Chinese characteristics. Chinese and mainland Chinese this political model, is precisely. It is accordingly adopted by the Communist Party China (CPC) and material for the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). Chinese socialism is so far successful for China, this meaning mainland China but cannot be transcribed, let alone become successful in liberal and democratic societies. However, elements of the Chinese model, usually negative, statist and authoritarian, are discerned elsewhere because politics in China carry reach to world political dynamics. Accordingly some Russian political theorists, may be enviable of the ideological and political evolution of communism in the East. Putin possibly eyes, for similarities and applications for Russia, however their implementation, remains to see. In the West the private model of extremist capitalism and inequality with illiberal, undemocratic and unlawful characteristics is hopefully on the demise, after accounting historical record of failures, damages and losses. Multi poly crisis and especially the information and communication crisis and the derivative chaos, the deterioration of national and international conditions and profoundly the competition with China, are indicative and consequential of the ideology and politics of private extremist capitalism and inequality with illiberal, undemocratic and unlawful characteristics. This crisis gradually and eventually rose to the security and military crisis which reverberates in Eastern Europe, in the Middle East, in the Far East and the Pacific and is unfolding in Africa and Latin America. Nevertheless, liberty and democracy still tower atop western ideology and culture and this is more evident in the U.S. The resilience and perseverance of the Americans to liberty and democracy, notwithstanding the above, is outstanding, enviable and world class.

The confluence of the individual (personal, private and corporate) good and the common (collective, public and institutional) national and international good is normal and typical in liberalism, which is the moderate liberal fusion of socialism and capitalism (equality and opportunity) in western democracies. This liberal confluence is pervasive, substantive and elementary in politics, however the contemporary acceleration and the corresponding restatement of the (power) relation of the singular and the plural in political philosophy, are products of the concurrent technological, economic and ecological dynamics.

On the other hand the conflict of the individual and the common good is extraordinary, violent and illegal and so is the confusion of the individual profit at the common loss and the reverse. The fundamental reason is that the relation between the one and the other one, is interchanging and interactive, while the organisation of this relation in the one and the many, is replicating and reproductive. This then develops to condition of order and disorder which is formative, functional, structural and systematic or the reverse.

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