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Exactly. God and the Good can save Haiti and not only Haiti. Power relations have to change. The rule of law has to be restored. Rights and liberties, regulation and education should be reinstated in Haiti and not only Haiti. Technology, economy and ecology will then bloom in Haiti, in America, in Europe and across the world. The message from Haiti is clear, for the people, education (knowledge, information and communication) = opportunity = liberty = equality = democracy = freedom = order = peace = prosperity = progress = health, wealth and happiness = life = time = energy. This is not an issue for Haiti and America alone, but the U.S. is well versed in this. John Adams, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower are shining examples in U.S. history, among so many.

See above.


Technology, economy and ecology, steady, strong, clean and soon renewable energy, is what we need. Félicitations à la France.

Finally reason prevails in Japan.

This is not right.


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